About us

For already three years, Directus UAB has been successfully developing its activity in the design and manufacturing.

Our mission
- direct our knowledge and skill to help reach your goals.

Thorough and systematic work and perfect team with innovative ideas allow us to implement even the most adventurous ideas of yours.

We strive to understand every customer and bring each individual wish to reality. Therefore, considering the dynamic situation of the market, we perfectly adapt ourselves to the growing needs of the customers and offer rapid performance and excellent quality.

The company specializes in the production of metal elements for trading equipment, products form plastics and embroidery. We manufacture racks, exposition stands, displays and other products from metal. In the manufacturing process we use sheet steel, pipes and wire. In plastic production we use sheets of plastic. For embroidery we use high quality embroidery equipment (Barudan, Japan) and very skilled stuff.


Aukų dėžutė. Dėžutė aukoms.
Trečiadienis, 18 sausio 2012

Siūlome įsigyti dėžutę aukoms. Išmatavimai: 15x15x15cm. Galimi ir kiti dydžiai. Produktas...
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Karnizas be įpjovos
Pirmadienis, 16 sausio 2012

Nerūdijantis šlifuotas plienas. Dvigubas, paslėptas tvirtinimas. Juostos aukštis: 40mm, storis...
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Mūsų draugai – „JDSport“
Pirmadienis, 22 lapkričio 2010

Siūlome apsilankyti mūsų draugų svetainėje ( Čia...
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Andrea Tuning

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